Freshmail – An Effective Email Marketing Campaign tool

Every organization puts their best efforts in marketing  their products or services. They always needs an effective marketing campaign to grow their business. Email marketing is one of the effective way to accelerate marketing campaign. There are many tools and services available in market for email campaign but Freshmail have good capability and features for… Read More »

TAD – Application for Viewing and Analyzing the Tabular Data

TAD is a free desktop application for viewing and analyzing the tabular data. It helps to organize the unstructured data into a proper organized format using feature as sorting, pivoting etc. Also, it provides the complete interface which helps to display or categorize the content. TAD is like a CSV file Viewer which works on… Read More »

How to Auto Save and Recover your Microsoft Word Documents

Microsoft Office is one of the essential and important part of the Windows Configured Computers/Laptop. It is an officially suits of many tools such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint Presentation etc. Microsoft Word plays important role in reports writing or say making any document for personal/commercial purpose. And it has remains at top position in… Read More »

Tips and Tricks of iPhone that you didn’t know

Apple’s iPhone is one of the giant leader in mobile industry throughout the world. The unique design, amazing apps and features, battery performance, smooth and easy operation, highest resolution for quality pictures, all this features makes it unique from others. Now, anyone can use them in travel as they are more lightweight as well as easy… Read More »

How to Block any Particular Website in Internet Browsers

The internet is a place where you can browse or find anything and there are no limits. The whole world getting closer and interlinked by internet. But sometime, you do not wish to go for particular website for any reason and want to block such site in Chrome, IE, Mozilla Firefox or any other browser.… Read More »

Tips to Message Someone who have already Blocked you on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging app in today’s world. It also has the blocking feature which allows you to block someone with whom, you are not interested to communicate. Similarly, someone else can block you at any instant. Let’s say, you want to convey important message or information to someone who has blocked… Read More »

Top 5 historical tips to avoid last minutes Airport hassle

Nowadays, aviation sector is on booming and travel by air is a more frequent way of communication for a common man. Either it’s a travel tour or say business trip, everyone willing to opt for airport rather than by road or train. Adversely it makes impact on airport crowd/traffic and concern raised to increase the… Read More »

How to Create your own Animated Video using Mysimpleshow

More often people are habitual to write long descriptive text or say essay, when they have to present any product or service to their audience or customers. However,if you add some pictures or say animated videos to your content, it will make  your text more explanatory and attractive. The best example is power point presentation.… Read More »

Tips to Improve the Wi-Fi Speed through Router

It is more common to see that even you are paying for high speed broadband plan, the internet speed is very slow (through Wi-Fi) and you may see the videos are in buffering mode in YouTube. Question arise is, who is responsible for that? Internet service provider OR the fault is at your end. Many times,… Read More »