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How to Block any Particular Website in Internet Browsers

The internet is a place where you can browse or find anything and there are no limits. The whole world getting closer and interlinked by internet. But sometime, you do not wish to go for particular website for any reason and want to block such site in Chrome, IE, Mozilla Firefox or any other browser.… Read More »

Tips to Message Someone who have already Blocked you on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging app in today’s world. It also has the blocking feature which allows you to block someone with whom, you are not interested to communicate. Similarly, someone else can block you at any instant. Let’s say, you want to convey important message or information to someone who has blocked… Read More »

Tips to Improve the Wi-Fi Speed through Router

It is more common to see that even you are paying for high speed broadband plan, the internet speed is very slow (through Wi-Fi) and you may see the videos are in buffering mode in YouTube. Question arise is, who is responsible for that? Internet service provider OR the fault is at your end. Many times,… Read More »

How to block Notifications from Websites in Google Chrome

While doing browsing on internet, many times you comes across with notification pop-up’s, especially on Google Chrome. Even those notifications are genuine and informing you about latest update or upgrade, but more frequent occurrence seems annoying.However, it  is possible to block that notifications permanently for all websites or if required, you can block those for particular… Read More »

How to Create e-Personal Book by using Wikipedia

Wikipedia is one of the favorite source of information for all the readers across the world. Whether you want to know about historical places or want to gather information of famous personalities, Wikipedia is the ultimate destination. Apart from this, there are certain essential features which are unknown to most of the readers. One can… Read More »

Top 6 Internet tips and artifices

In today’s internet world, one need to act in smart way while browsing on internet. There are many good tactics available, which makes internet use much simpler.  Internet tips and artifices Update about plugins and add-ons There are many plugins and add-ons available for different browsers by browser specific communities. Those can be either adobe… Read More »

How to Skip through YouTube Videos with the Number Keys

How to Skip through YouTube Videos with the Number Keys While watching the YouTube Videos, many times you wish to spot the certain good part of video quickly instead of going through video entirely. Many people are more keyboard friendly, instead of using inconsistent and annoying track pad. Also it is frustrating to wait for video… Read More »

How to Use the Keyboard Shortcuts for all Browsers

How to use the Keyboard Shortcuts for all browsers Nowadays, there are many web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc. available for internet browsing. Each browser has its own browser specific shortcuts. But there are some shortcuts which are common to all browsers and you do not require to worry while… Read More »