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Freshmail – An Effective Email Marketing Campaign tool

Every organization puts their best efforts in marketing  their products or services. They always needs an effective marketing campaign to grow their business. Email marketing is one of the effective way to accelerate marketing campaign. There are many tools and services available in market for email campaign but Freshmail have good capability and features for… Read More »

TAD – Application for Viewing and Analyzing the Tabular Data

TAD is a free desktop application for viewing and analyzing the tabular data. It helps to organize the unstructured data into a proper organized format using feature as sorting, pivoting etc. Also, it provides the complete interface which helps to display or categorize the content. TAD is like a CSV file Viewer which works on… Read More »

How to Create your own Animated Video using Mysimpleshow

More often people are habitual to write long descriptive text or say essay, when they have to present any product or service to their audience or customers. However,if you add some pictures or say animated videos to your content, it will make  your text more explanatory and attractive. The best example is power point presentation.… Read More »

How CleanEmail Email Management Tool works to organize your Emails

Email management is a high-priority need in today’s techno world. It is more common to see the mail inbox flooded with different types of emails for everyone. Along with your essential and intended emails, you can notice many other mails such as auto emails of promotions, advertisement and marketing emails, social institute notifications etc. Now,… Read More »

Passwork – Best Password Management Tool for Android and iOS

In today’s digital word, almost every online transaction has been secured by password. Since the rules and regulation for passwords are varied for every website, one can have different passwords for their online access. Some sites may ask for 8 characters, or some may ask inclusion of uppercase letter in password. However, keeping one generic… Read More »

Jekyll – the Static Website Creator Software

Jekyll is the simple and blogger-friendly static website generator which converts your plain text into static web pages and blogs. In interest of static content, it is the best alternative against WordPress and not required to do any installation on server. Jekyll is a directory of files on your computer. And when it runs on… Read More »

How Wayback Machine Downloader helps to restore your website

Wayback Machine Downloader What happen, if one day you try to open your website and notice that all content is disappeared? Whatever the reason, but you might have lost your personal sensitive information. Wayback Machine downloader enables you to download websites from to your local hard drive on your machine. The web archive is… Read More »

IQBOXY – Real time expense management and document tracking Tool

IQBOXY – Real time expense management and document tracking We always take receipts of any purchase from retail shop/mall, or say any services used such as train/plane tickets, car services etc. Business people also having bunch of receipts pertaining to several expenses. It seems very hectic to manage as well as store all such receipts for future reference.… Read More »