How CleanEmail Email Management Tool works to organize your Emails

By | April 28, 2017

How CleanEmail Email Management Tool works to organize your EmailsEmail management is a high-priority need in today’s techno world. It is more common to see the mail inbox flooded with different types of emails for everyone. Along with your essential and intended emails, you can notice many other mails such as auto emails of promotions, advertisement and marketing emails, social institute notifications etc. Now, selecting the required emails from the long list must be a time consuming job from your busy schedule.

CleanEmail Email Management tool – perform the duty of cleaning your inbox of emails which you don’t require. Basically it helps you to organize, remove, label and archive groups of emails in your account.

It comprises of strong rules and filters, by which you can organize your mailbox into appropriate groups. It helps you to identify the genuine and useful emails and clean up other unnecessary emails with few clicks.

How CleanEmail Email Management Tool works to organize your Emails

CleanEmail is a paid service at cheap rate and no hidden or additional fees or charges. Also, they are allowing subscription for free trial to explore it.

Check Pricing for CleanEmail Email Management tool.

Significant features:

  • Mailbox Access on your term
    You are having complete authority to grant CleanEmail access to your mailbox and you can revoke at any time. All access credentials are in encrypted form and pertains to only perform the operations related to CleanEmail features. Nothing will be shared with third party.
  • Encrypted Credentials
    Mailbox access credentials are in encrypted form and will not share with anyone (even CleanEmail employees). They are used to scan the mailbox and perform the required actions.
  • High Security
    CleanEmail never download the full email. Their algorithms defines appropriately to analyze the email header which contains information regarding subject, sender and recipient information, date, email size etc. No access to email contents as well as attachments. Moreover, CleanEmail keeps data only for 24 hours, allowing you to use CleanEmail to clean and organize your mailbox. After 24 hours, data will be removed and cannot be recovered. The scan process will start again once you login again in future.
  • Paid Service and never sell or keep data
    CleanEmail never share or sell your data with anyone. Also, all you email attachments, email contents, email addresses found in Inbox are safe and not use for any anonymous purpose beyond the core functionality.

Customer care keeps on high priority and you can contact them for any issue or guidance you required.
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