How to Create your own Animated Video using Mysimpleshow

By | May 17, 2017

How to Create your own Animated Videos using MysimpleshowMore often people are habitual to write long descriptive text or say essay, when they have to present any product or service to their audience or customers. However,if you add some pictures or say animated videos to your content, it will make  your text more explanatory and attractive. The best example is power point presentation.

Mysimpleshow is an effective tool for making animated videos.

It can be used at professional level to launch your product, training or conference purpose, or to train the team.

It also creates more impact at education level. And can be used in classroom training or contribute to open educational resources.

Using it at personal level for enriching the blogs and making lucrative animated videos.

How to Create your own Animated Videos using Mysimpleshow

Mysimpleshow Workflow –

  • Draft
    Selecting a storyline template.
  • Write
    Use best practical approach and strategies to write the script.
  • Visualize
    Mysimpleshow Engine automatically generates a storyboard for you.
  • Finalize
    Select and configure your video speed, voice and your video clip is ready to publish.

Features –

  • It will suggest the perfect storyline for your script.
  • The explainer engine will automatically creates the images that comes in mind.
  • You can get many option to explore.
  • You can record your voice and use it.
  • Having option to preview the video and do the modification at instant.
  • Publish and share the video with your audience.

Pricing –
You can use free trail to explore it and then you have monthly or yearly billing plan to subscribe

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