How to earn money from YouTube Channel

By | May 19, 2017

How to earn money from YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the effective medium for earning money online. But it is not just like you put any video (Copyright videos) on your channel and inserts Google ads for making money. YouTube have made very strict rules and regulation for AdSense account. As per latest update, YouTube kept a threshold of 10,000 views for channel to start showing Ads. Furthermore, advertisements will make money for you but to earn and grow exponentially, you need to adapt smart ways like marketing, use of social networking, promotions etc.

Some useful tips to earn money from YouTube channel

  • Advertisement
    One of the primary way is, you can linked your channel to Google AdSense account to start earning from Ads. Now, the quality of your videos is actually linked to your earning. Let’s say, video on smartphone review will earn more money than video on a playing script or any product promotion.
  • Promotion
    Once your YouTube channel gets popular and getting thousands of views, you are ready to affiliate with any advertising company for their product promotion.
    You need to show their products on your videos and they will pay certain amount for their branding. This income varies & depends upon your channel popularity and the brand of ads Company.

How to earn money from YouTube Channel

  • Marketing
    This is another way of making money from YouTube Channel.
    As per your niche segment (technology, health, money), you can partner with companies for affiliate marketing. You need to present yourself to companies with all your channel details, and then linked their products in your videos.
  • Supporting your own business
    If you are running any small or medium scale business, then use your YouTube channel for promotion and marketing. It will helps to get large number audience through your channel and save your efforts in expanding your business.
  • Paid Service
    Once your channel popularity touch the sky limit, then you can start charging your audience for watching paid videos.
    Keeping the mixture of free and paid videos, you can attract the audience.
  • Social Initiative
    Along with business, use YouTube channel to do some social initiatives which in turns helps your community and country. Put the advertisement of NGOs, Corporate Social Institutes, or any social funds which may awake your audience and finally reach out to more people.
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