Freshmail – An Effective Email Marketing Campaign tool

By | June 7, 2017

Freshmail – An effective email marketing campaign tool

Every organization puts their best efforts in marketing  their products or services. They always needs an effective marketing campaign to grow their business. Email marketing is one of the effective way to accelerate marketing campaign. There are many tools and services available in market for email campaign but Freshmail have good capability and features for high scale email marketing.

It is an effective email marketing campaign tool which lets you create many different types of campaign. One can access freshmail account from anywhere. Moreover,it provides strong security to your data and files. Also, freshmail’s tools are securely placed in a dedicated cloud.

It has most attractive designer which helps to create effective newsletter without any coding. All the templates are created and designed by skilled experts and can be customized and personalized.

Freshmail – An effective email marketing campaign tool

Real time email tracking

Mass mailing is most effective advertising mode on internet. You can able to track how many mails successfully delivered, who opens your newsletter, who had clicked on your links in mail message and more.


  •  Creating Message
  •  Grow Subscribers
  •  Send Campaign
  •  Marketing Automation
  •  Analytics
  •  Integrate
  •  Support

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You can sign up for free freshmail account.

Freshmail – An effective email marketing campaign tool


Freshmail is absolutely free for sending less than 2000 emails or up to 500 subscribers per month. if your campaign is bigger then Freshmail comes with two different plan based on campaign.
Pricing for Freshmail

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