IQBOXY – Real time expense management and document tracking Tool

By | April 4, 2017

IQBOXY – Real time expense management and document tracking

IQBOXY - Real time expense management and document tracking Tool

We always take receipts of any purchase from retail shop/mall, or say any services used such as train/plane tickets, car services etc. Business people also having bunch of receipts pertaining to several expenses. It seems very hectic to manage as well as store all such receipts for future reference. Moreover,there is a high probability of losing them physically.

IQBOXY is Effortless Expense Management App. It will collect, manage and also automate your receipts / bills in seconds by machines. It will auto extract all data by taking the picture of your receipts through IQBOXY mobile app. IQBOXY will categorize and reconcile it against your bank statement. Furthermore, it is machine powered from end-to-end and works in offline.
Regarding Security, your data and identity will remain safe with IQBOXY. No third part access to your financial and personal data. Data encryption used in transit.

You can install IQBOXY app on iphone and Android.

Benefits of IQBOXY:

  • Work with Cloud Accounting Systems
    No need of manual data entry. It integrates all data, workflows and also receipts automatically.
  • Easy to use and save time
    IQBOXY is regularly update and maintained by skilled professionals. It is supported by iPhone and Android app. Especially, it based on Optical Character recognition (OCR) technology to automatically detect the receipts and formed the structured data. All this process takes place within minutes and saves time.
  • Customization
    IQBOXY is configured with a feature called Rules. You can do the customization with Rules to meet your requirements.
  • Real-time receipt processing
    IQBOXY works faster to process your receipt as well as email it.
  • No hidden charges and in addition strong Customer support.
  • Global Currency Support
    IQBOXY  support 116 currencies. Hence,it support clients from all our countries where IQBOXY is used.
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