Jekyll – the Static Website Creator Software

By | April 24, 2017

Jekyll – the Static Website Creator Software

Jekyll is the simple and blogger-friendly static website generator which converts your plain text into static web pages and blogs. In interest of static content, it is the best alternative against WordPress and not required to do any installation on server. Jekyll is a directory of files on your computer. And when it runs on that directory, it generates a static website.


Before Jekyll installation, the pre-requisite are:

  •  Linux, Unix or macOS
  •  Ruby Version 2.0 and above(including all development headers)
  •  Ruby Gems
  •  GCC and Make

Jekyll can be installed via Ruby Gems.
Check for more on Installation Guide

Jekyll – the Static Website Creator Software

How to make Jekyll Website?

1. Directory Structure

Jekyll – the Static Website Creator Software
2. Configuration

Jekyll – the Static Website Creator Software
3. Front Matter
4. Creating Pages
5. Collection
6. Data Files
And many more, check how to make Jekyll website

Benefits of using Jekyll

  • More Secure
    Jekyll website is a static website. There is no security issue as it does not have any dynamic data which can be hacked.
  • High Speed
    As compare to WordPress, the response time of Jekyll is fast because there no dynamic page creation.
  • Less complex in setup
    Jekyll website is a simple static website and has less components to create and maintain.
  • Highly stable
    Jekyll is more stable as compare to WordPress. Component failure is very less frequent in Jekyll.


  • Lacking Themes
    Jekyll does not have large number of themes as compare to WordPress.
  • No Graphical User Interface(GUI)
    In WordPress, you can select theme and set up your website. But  Jekyll is command line tool and need to use third party GUI tools like Siteleaf, Prose etc.
  • Support activity
    Jekyll does not have high community and experts support as compare to WordPress.
  • Build process
    Generally building static website is not issue in Jekyll, but if site contains around 1-2 lacks posts then it will take around minute to build.
  • Customization
    More flexibility in WordPress if you want to do any custom functionality. But Jekyll has limitation for customization.
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