How to block Notifications from Websites in Google Chrome

While doing browsing on internet, many times you comes across with notification pop-up’s, especially on Google Chrome. Even those notifications are genuine and informing you about latest update or upgrade, but more frequent occurrence seems annoying.However, it  is possible to block that notifications permanently for all websites or if required, you can block those for particular… Read More »

Tips to Write the Concise and Effective Emails

Email communication is one of the effective and world-wide accepted mode of communication. Nowadays, the communication by telegram, or say any physical written notification are considered as history and everything replaced by Emails.It makes world more connected at both personal and professional front. Even there are many messaging services exists like WhatsApp and Facebook, but… Read More »

How CleanEmail Email Management Tool works to organize your Emails

Email management is a high-priority need in today’s techno world. It is more common to see the mail inbox flooded with different types of emails for everyone. Along with your essential and intended emails, you can notice many other mails such as auto emails of promotions, advertisement and marketing emails, social institute notifications etc. Now,… Read More »

How Regular Walking makes you Healthy

There is one famous quote – “Health is Wealth”. Everyone works hard to make their (and family) life luxurious and don’t pay attention on their health. Eventually, a sudden stroke or heart attack destroy your wealth and future. It is require to do exercise regularly. If you are not able to make time for exercise, then… Read More »

How to Create e-Personal Book by using Wikipedia

Wikipedia is one of the favorite source of information for all the readers across the world. Whether you want to know about historical places or want to gather information of famous personalities, Wikipedia is the ultimate destination. Apart from this, there are certain essential features which are unknown to most of the readers. One can… Read More »

Passwork – Best Password Management Tool for Android and iOS

In today’s digital word, almost every online transaction has been secured by password. Since the rules and regulation for passwords are varied for every website, one can have different passwords for their online access. Some sites may ask for 8 characters, or some may ask inclusion of uppercase letter in password. However, keeping one generic… Read More »

Jekyll – the Static Website Creator Software

Jekyll is the simple and blogger-friendly static website generator which converts your plain text into static web pages and blogs. In interest of static content, it is the best alternative against WordPress and not required to do any installation on server. Jekyll is a directory of files on your computer. And when it runs on… Read More »

Tips to Save your iPhone from Charging Mistakes

iPhone battery needs proper care, to increase the life of battery for longer time. The full discharge or overcharging, both have significant effect on smartphone battery. It require proper handling so battery can work for at least 3-4 years. There are few measures which you need to consider for battery life iPhone Charging strategy Always… Read More »

How to Find the Name and Details of Unknown Phone Number

How to Trace the Name and Details of Unknown Phone Number More often it happens that you  forget your phone somewhere and later, there are few missed calls from known or unknown numbers on your phone. More anxiously, you call back to unknown phone number and realize that it’s call from private banks for offering credit… Read More »