Passwork – Best Password Management Tool for Android and iOS

By | April 25, 2017

Passwork – Best Password Management Tool for Android and iOS

In today’s digital word, almost every online transaction has been secured by password. Since the rules and regulation for passwords are varied for every website, one can have different passwords for their online access. Some sites may ask for 8 characters, or some may ask inclusion of uppercase letter in password. However, keeping one generic password for all sites increase the probability of getting hacked.

It is hectic to remember all different types of passwords. So,Passwork is a tool which helps to store passwords and keep your accounts secured.

Passwork stored all passwords data in encrypted form in their servers which ensure high level of security. Even there are many password management tools in market, compatibility feature makes Passwork tool more attractive. It can work with both Android and iOS devices, and with computers also.

 Basic Safety Principles are:

  • All password data is encrypted in your browser and stored on the Passwork Servers. The encryption key remain on client browser and never send to the Passwork server. No other person can get access to the encrypted information, even Passwork employees also don’t have access to that.
  • Passwork do not allow any third party access to their servers and also do not share the data.
  • They do not collect your personal or professional data.
  • Employee’s access to servers is regularly audited.

The essential features of Passwork tool

  1. Registration and Authorization Password
  2. Creation of Groups
  3. Password creation process
  4. Access
  5. RSA Encryption
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Passwork – Best Password Management Tool for Android and iOS

Advantages of using Passwork:

  • Passwords encrypted at your server
    All password data encrypted at client browser and Passwork just store the data. Even the encryption key remains at client browser and all data operation occurs at client system. It ensure high security.
  • Passwords History
    This feature make it distinguishable from other password tracking tools. It allows you to track your last password creation history.
  • Data Export and Backup
    All data can be exported to CSV file and also data backups can be done in cloud or disk storage.
  • Team Password manager for Companies and Startups
    It is the best option for companies and startups as it will give the complete control over all the employees and you can able to manage all access.
  • Low pricing
    The price for this tools is reasonable as compare to the features provided. They have excellent customer support.
  • Groups and sharing links
    You can create a group and keep all passwords at same place. Also, you can use the option to share the link and the link will expired in 48 hours.
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