How Regular Walking makes you Healthy

By | April 27, 2017

How Regular Walking makes you Healthy

There is one famous quote – “Health is Wealth”. Everyone works hard to make their (and family) life luxurious and don’t pay attention on their health. Eventually, a sudden stroke or heart attack destroy your wealth and future.

It is require to do exercise regularly. If you are not able to make time for exercise, then at least you must do walking which makes you healthy and prevents from unexpected disease. As expert says, 30 minute walks per day is fine to make you healthy.

 How Walking helps:

  • Energy booster
    Early morning walk in natural surrounding makes you energetic. It helps increasing circulation and oxygen supply to your whole body, resulting in more freshness throughout a day.
  • Weight loss
    Always keeps habit of short walk  in daily routines, especially avoid lifts and use stairs. As per survey, you can burn up to 80 calories if you walk around 30 minutes. Burning calories will results in weight loss.

How Regular Walking makes you Healthy

  • Making Brain activities more effective
    The activities like walking, running, cycling produces large pressure in body which results in substantial blood flow to the brain. They helps to optimize brain activities like perfusion, functions etc. It reduce the stroke occurrence.
  • Increase Vitamin D level
    European countries mostly face Vitamin D issues, which in turn causing disease like uric acid, bone weakness or immune system issues. Walking in morning with sun rays on body helps to increase the vitamin D level.
  • Mitigate disease risk
    A regular walking habit will reduce the risk of Diabetes around 50% and 25% less likely to develop cancer of blood, breast or internal organ.
  • Reduce heart disease
    The regular routine of walk helps to reduce the heart problems and making heart stronger. It helps to maintain the balanced ratio of bad and good cholesterol. Stroke probability gets reduce as walking control your blood pressure.

How Regular Walking makes you Healthy

  • Prevent Alzheimer’s disease
    Alzheimer’s disease are more common in late adulthood and regular physical activities (especially walking) can reduce the 50% probability.
  • Making happy mood
    As studies says, daily walking not only makes you physically fit but also makes your mind fresh and healthy. It helps to come out from depression as well as reduce the stress.

  Do the Walking regularly!!!!

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