How to start your day in morning while performing your job

By | March 27, 2017

How to start your day in morning while performing your jobEveryone always wish to start their day at job with full of charm and enthusiasm, but most of the time it will not work. If you do not start your work with pleasant energy then it spoils the entire day routine and ultimately it affects your job.


Please find below the tips which helps you to make your day better while performing the job:

  • Spare 15-20 minutes for mind rest training each day

It is best to have such small mind peace session in morning time,but you can spare any time in entire day. You can download any free app from internet which designated for mindfulness training program . Also try to find any manual on web which have brief details about such sessions. To get initial result, at least try it for 1 month.

  • Priorities your tasks, stop multitasking

Irrespective of the tasks assigned to you,always start your work by performing one task at a time. It will keep your mind focused and reduce the work pressure. It may happen that your mind may tempting to check what other things in your bucket, but you should quit all those thoughts to focus the task in hand.

  • Turn off all the notifications

There are various notification alarm set on mobile or say computer for any alert or reminder. Even they play vital role in your job duties,they keep yourself under pressure each and every minute. You can try out on trial basis, keeping all alert off for 15-20 days and only check email set on regular interval.

  • Email reading should not be the first task in morning

How to start your day in morning while performing your job

The minds are very focused and creative in morning session. This is a actual time when anyone can do strategic initiatives, important meetings etc. But giving priority to email may divert tour focus from above initiative to the some secondary tasks. And eventually the loss of some strategic and high important work.

  • Task notification on Calendar

Always have your tasks or meetings have been notified on your calendar. This will help you to start your day with pre-organized schedule and increase the productivity.


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