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Freshmail – An Effective Email Marketing Campaign tool

Every organization puts their best efforts in marketing  their products or services. They always needs an effective marketing campaign to grow their business. Email marketing is one of the effective way to accelerate marketing campaign. There are many tools and services available in market for email campaign but Freshmail have good capability and features for… Read More »

Tips to Write the Concise and Effective Emails

Email communication is one of the effective and world-wide accepted mode of communication. Nowadays, the communication by telegram, or say any physical written notification are considered as history and everything replaced by Emails.It makes world more connected at both personal and professional front. Even there are many messaging services exists like WhatsApp and Facebook, but… Read More »

How CleanEmail Email Management Tool works to organize your Emails

Email management is a high-priority need in today’s techno world. It is more common to see the mail inbox flooded with different types of emails for everyone. Along with your essential and intended emails, you can notice many other mails such as auto emails of promotions, advertisement and marketing emails, social institute notifications etc. Now,… Read More »