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Tips and Tricks of iPhone that you didn’t know

Apple’s iPhone is one of the giant leader in mobile industry throughout the world. The unique design, amazing apps and features, battery performance, smooth and easy operation, highest resolution for quality pictures, all this features makes it unique from others. Now, anyone can use them in travel as they are more lightweight as well as easy… Read More »

Tips to Save your iPhone from Charging Mistakes

iPhone battery needs proper care, to increase the life of battery for longer time. The full discharge or overcharging, both have significant effect on smartphone battery. It require proper handling so battery can work for at least 3-4 years. There are few measures which you need to consider for battery life iPhone Charging strategy Always… Read More »

IQBOXY – Real time expense management and document tracking Tool

IQBOXY – Real time expense management and document tracking We always take receipts of any purchase from retail shop/mall, or say any services used such as train/plane tickets, car services etc. Business people also having bunch of receipts pertaining to several expenses. It seems very hectic to manage as well as store all such receipts for future reference.… Read More »