Tips to Message Someone who have already Blocked you on WhatsApp

By | May 22, 2017

Tips to Message Someone who have already Blocked you on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging app in today’s world. It also has the blocking feature which allows you to block someone with whom, you are not interested to communicate. Similarly, someone else can block you at any instant.

Let’s say, you want to convey important message or information to someone who has blocked you, then what you will do? Is it possible to message them?

There are some tips which helps  you to message them even they blocked you.

  • Use WhatApp Group feature
    If information is not so private, then you can send that directly in WhatsApp group where you and that person are already added (mention his name explicitly in message). Else, ask any mutual friend to create new group and request him to add you and that person, whom you want to message. Once that done, ask your mutual friend to leave the group. At the end, you and that person only remains in group and you can start messaging him.
  • Use Other Communication Apps
    Try to use some other messaging apps like WhatApp which have phone number as the basic contact. Make efforts to search mobile number on other Apps and it might help you to reach them. There are many apps such as Viber, LINE, Skype, Facebook messenger etc. Use them and you will find your messages get delivered to them.

Tips to Message Someone who have already Blocked you on WhatsApp

  • Use Text Messaging Offline
    This is one of the straight forward way where you can type the message offline to them. And if you don’t know the mobile number then you can try to retrieve it from WhatsApp.
    Steps to retrieve contact details from WhatApp:
    1> Go to the conversation and long press it, till it’s get selected.
    2> Click on three vertical dots in right top corner.
    3> And select “View Contact”.
    4> Scroll down on the screen and you can find the number.
  • Delete the existing WhatApp account and create new one
    If you wish to have one-to-one communication with the same WhatsApp number, then delete the existing account and create new with same number
    Follow the below steps:
    1>Open the WhatsApp on your mobile and go to three vertical dots in right top corner.
    2>Go to Settings -> Account.
    3>Click on the option “Delete my account”.
    4>You need to “choose your country” and also type your phone number in the required fields.
    5>Once done with that, click the red “Delete My Account” button.
    6>Close the WhatApp and open it again. New Sign-up will be there and you have to do that as you did in past.
    By this way, you can able to message again the person who has blocked you.
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