Tips and Tricks of iPhone that you didn’t know

By | May 29, 2017

Tips and Tricks of iPhone that you didn’t knowApple’s iPhone is one of the giant leader in mobile industry throughout the world. The unique design, amazing apps and features, battery performance, smooth and easy operation, highest resolution for quality pictures, all this features makes it unique from others. Now, anyone can use them in travel as they are more lightweight as well as easy to carry.

iPhone has many in-built features, but unfortunately people are totally unaware about those and use iPhone only for calling, messaging or taking photos. Apart from this basic functionality, there are many more miscellaneous features which no one might have realized.

There are some we have identified and try to explore:

  • Using in-built or custom reply to Missed calls
    Missed calls are the one which we cannot able to attend for some reason and need to notify them. iPhone has inbuilt store of text responses which we can set, but additionally it provided a way to place your custom message also.
    GO to Setting -> Phone -> Respond with text
    Here, you will find the set of messages and you can choose from them to reply, or set your custom   message if you wish.
  • Hard reset when it crashes
    Whenever your phone gets crashed or hanged, hold your power button and the volume down button at same time.It will reset the phone and gets back in normal working mode. Also,don’t use home button in such scenario.
  • Medical ID information
    Everyone must fill the Medical ID information in Health App with all necessary information such as routine medicines, emergency contacts, and allergies if any. This will help in emergency when emergency dialer gets used without unlocking the phone.
  • Accelerate the charging of iPhone
    It seems boring to wait for long hours for recharging the phone. The best way to deal with this is, keep your phone on Flight Safe mode. It automatically reduce the phone stress engaged in searching Wi-Fi connection, auto app updates, network search etc. There might not be huge difference but somehow helps to reduce your time for recharging phone.

Tips and Tricks of iPhone that you didn’t know

  • Improving network signal strength
    The common indicator for showing network signal strength is a bar chart based graphical display. Moreover, for iPhone you just type *3001#12345#* in dialer and hitting call will launch the Hidden Field Mode tool. It will replace the traditional bar chart display with numerical signal presentation and it is more straightforward. The score around -60 will be good for normal browsing and score down -125 will make you difficult even send text message. The number range can be followed to decide on signal strength.
  • Details about your Whereabouts and more
    iPhone have the excellent features which gather your information such as your location, data consumed app surfing etc. in background.
    To enable this, Go to Setting -> Privacy -> Location Services -> System Services -> Frequent Location.
    Here, you can find all details about the locations you visited, average time spent and more.
  • iPhone Speak feature
    You can enable the Speak feature of iPhone and read the selected text or all screen text.
    Go to Setting -> General -> Accessibility -> Speech
    Here, you can turn on the “Speak Selection” which activate the Speak button when you select any text. Click that button and phone will speck your selected text.

Tips and Tricks of iPhone that you didn’t know

  • Creating Custom Vibrations
    All phone have capability of keeping different ringtone for different contacts, so that you can identify the caller by ringtone.But iPhone have additionally introduced custom vibration feature which helps to identify the caller based on vibration.
    Just Go to Contacts -> Select the required person contact and click Edit
    Then, select Vibration option and you will find plenty of option along with new vibration creation   tool.
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