Tips to Write the Concise and Effective Emails

By | May 4, 2017

Tips to Write the Concise and Effective Emails

Email communication is one of the effective and world-wide accepted mode of communication. Nowadays, the communication by telegram, or say any physical written notification are considered as history and everything replaced by Emails.It makes world more connected at both personal and professional front. Even there are many messaging services exists like WhatsApp and Facebook, but Email communication has strong footprints in online communication.

Whether you are personally messaging your friend, or any business communication in Corporates, or say any online query or feedback, Email play its role effectively.

Email writing is also an art or technique which makes strong impact on the receiver. Unorganized and Improper email message may lead to miscommunication or receiver may able to understand your message.

There are certain tips and tricks needs to follow while writing the emails

  • Simple and concise
    The email considered as more effective only when it is simple and concise. Emails having long story or essay will destroy the motive behind it. It is recommended to keep email with 5-6 sentences at personal communication and 6-8 sentences at business communication level.
  • Subject should be expressive
    Subject plays an important role for your email message. Just by reading, the receiver will decide whether, to open your mail or delete it. The subject line must include the proper message header and action.
    Use different notification in subject line as –
    FYI (For Your Information) : Information perspective
    PFA (Please find Attachment) : Attachment included
    NNTO (No Need to Open) : No email body and refer only subject
    And many more you can explore to make subject significant.

Tips to Write the Concise and Effective Emails

  • Attachment naming conventions
    While attaching any document to the email, no one care about the naming and go ahead as it is. It will create a trouble for receiver when there are many files sent and he/she needs to search for the particular downloaded file.
    The best practice is, always give appropriate name for attachment while attaching. Let’s say, if you are attaching CV then name it as “ <Your Name> CV”.
  • Formatting and indenting the email body
    The email body should be properly organized and structured. Try to use bullet points, list, paragraphs and even sub-heading, it will makes your email more apprehensive. Don’t write email to impress readers, but to communicate effectively.
  • Email should be desktop as well as mobile friendly
    As the world becomes more smartphone-friendly, majority of emails will be read on mobiles. Keep this in mind and don’t use high resolution graphics and contents which are not compatible with phones. Attachments are also require in worldwide popular formats.

Tips to Write the Concise and Effective Emails

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