Top 6 Internet tips and artifices

By | April 11, 2017

Top 6 Internet tips and artifices

In today’s internet world, one need to act in smart way while browsing on internet. There are many good tactics available, which makes internet use much simpler.

 Internet tips and artifices

  • Update about plugins and add-ons
    There are many plugins and add-ons available for different browsers by browser specific communities. Those can be either adobe flash plugin or say add-on for weather forecast. A regular update on plugins and add-ons ensure the computer stability and security.
  •  No need to enter full web page address
    Whenever you enter the website address in browser, normally use “www” or “Http://” keywords as suffix. If you wish to visit “.com” websites, then actually it is not required to explicitly mention those suffix.
    Just type the domain name (say “google”) and hit Ctrl + Enter. It will provide full address.
  • Tabbed browsing
    While browsing a website, you may open the other links which are interesting for you. The link should get open in new tab so it does not interrupt your browsing. Just hold down the Ctrl Key and left link the link. If you have a mouse with a wheel, click the link by depressing the wheel instead of rolling it. The link gets open in new window.
    Also, Ctrl + T will open link in new tab instead of window.
  • Browsing on Web Page fields
    Suppose you are filling any online entry form or say registration form, you can quickly move between the fields by clicking the Tab key or Shift + Tab to move backward.

Top 6 Internet tips and artifices

  • Alternative browsers
    The most common and widely used default browser is Internet Explorer. As it comes along with Microsoft Windows in Computer, no one go for any other option. But there are many browsers which are free to download and having better features then currently used browser.
    Top ones are:
    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox
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