Uric Acid Symptoms and basic treatment to cure it

By | March 28, 2017

Uric Acid Symptoms and basic treatment to cure itUric acid is a waste product created during the metabolism process from purines, which is naturally occurring in food as mushroom, spinach, beans, sugary foods, meat, mackerel, animal organs such as liver & brain etc. Kidneys filtered out the uric acid via urine, but sometime uric acid gets produce at higher quantity or kidneys are not able to perform their function properly. Then, the level of uric acid in blood increases.

High level of uric acid can perform the crystal around the joints such as knee, finders, and wrist. This crystals cause high pain and ultimately damage the tissues around the joints, which lead to the Gout (Joint pain). The extreme level of uric acid also cause the kidney stones.

Uric Acid Symptoms

Gout (Joint Pain)
High level of uric acid cause crystals formation and such crustal gets settle on joints which cause the Gout. The common symptoms of gout are severe pain, inflammation, swelling, redness etc. Mostly it occurs around ankle, knee, wrist, fingers and heels.
The gout attack remains for 12-24 hrs. In a day and mostly occurs in night time. This is one of the major Uric Acid Symptoms.

The uric acid crystals get settled in urinary tract and cause Kidney stones. The symptoms are like pain in back, fever, nausea, vomiting and blood in urine.

Uric acid may form the lumps beneath the skin. These lumps are not painful and called as tophi. It generally occurs on fingers, toes, hands and elbows.

What to do to control high uric acid level

• Drink at least 2-3liter of water daily. Water helps to flush out the waste products like uric acid from body.
• Do the exercise daily for 1 hour. It will help to burn the uric acid crystals in blood. Try to maintain your body weight.
• Drink alcohols occasionally, as it will help to eliminate uric acid.
• Restrict the fish, meat as liver, beef and animal organs in your diet. They are highly rich in purines,
• Eat low-fat foods.
• Eat fresh fruits and vegetable.
– Take lime juice daily as it has the ingredient ‘citric acid’ which destroy the uric acid formation
– The popular uric acid resistant are celery and cherry. Cherry prevents crystal formation and helps to prevent inflammation and pain.Celery helps to keep lower uric acid level. Intake of both in your diet will help to control uric acid level

Uric Acid Symptoms and basic treatment to cure it
– Increase the intake of fiber foods such as oats, broccoli, orange, strawberries, and cucumber in your intake. Bananas also helps to lower uric acid.
– Vegetables like Tomato, Potato can be included in your meal. Fresh Tomato is alkaline by nature and helps to keep lower uric acid level.



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