How Wayback Machine Downloader helps to restore your website

By | April 5, 2017

Wayback Machine Downloader

How Wayback Machine Downloader helps to restore your website

What happen, if one day you try to open your website and notice that all content is disappeared? Whatever the reason, but you might have lost your personal sensitive information.
Wayback Machine downloader enables you to download websites from to your local hard drive on your machine. The web archive is nothing but the back up of all websites did at different time and store them over the last 15-20 years. The and Wayback Machine Downloader are somehow same.
The Wayback machine is just a name that Web archive has given to their websites.

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How Wayback Machine Downloader helps to restore your website

Wayback Machine Downloader Features:

  • HTML
    Wayback Downloader takes each HTML file, download and clone it to your local hard drive.
  • Link Conversion
    Convert all links in HTML files so that they can work locally or off-line
  • JavaScript & CSS
    The JavaScript and CSS files also get downloaded in simple folder structure and reference smartly in HTML files
  • Images
    Images also get downloaded and referenced locally

Possible reasons for which you may require to download the sites from Wayback machine

  • Hacking
  • Missing hosting payments
  • Recovering websites gone offline
  • Recovery of expired content
  • Alternative to Httrack
    Httrack is a software to scrape live websites. It just copy the website including headers and archived URL’s, but Wayback completely rebuild the site.
  • Competitive edge
    Let’s say, your one of the bigger competitor gone bankrupt or exit the business and all his websites are shut down. If you remember the URL, you can use that information for your site for betterment.
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